Empowering Girls & West Coast Trail

Krista Guloien won a silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics with team Canada’s Women’s 8 rowing team. Krista’s parents always encouraged her and told her she could do anything, but that’s not always how girls feel – especially when it comes to sports. Krista has teamed up with Fast and Female, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging girls through physical activity. As an ambassador for Fast and Female, Krista shares her experiences with rowing – like standing on the podium representing Canada at the Olympics – and offers a great message to young girls.

Later on the show, we hear from local adventurer Garry Bennett. His journey on the West Coast Trail started as a mid-life crisis when he was 40. He’s now about to hike the West Coast Trail for the 21st time. Gary shares what works…and what doesn’t…on this rugged 75-km hike along Vancouver Island’s West Coast. You’ll want to pack your bag and book a spot on it yourself; but listen to Gary’s advice first.