Ageing & Pain Management

Even though we’re all literally doing it every single day, it can still be one of the most difficult transitions in a person’s life; getting older. There are so many changes that come with ageing – mobility, activity levels, social interaction and overall health. Pam Lewis is a nurse and also the Director of Community Program Development at Island Community Mental Health and part of her job is to support those 65+ as they face some of these changes, including a diagnosis of a chronic disease. Pam talks about the challenges of ageing and how to support the elderly in your life through this transition.

Later, Dr. Brenda Lau, Anesthesiologist and Medical Director of CHANGEpain, based in Vancouver. Dr. Lau talks about chronic pain and the different treatments for it, including infusions, talk therapy and why more and more doctors and patients are moving away from opioids. Dr. Lau also addresses the fact that so many of us think we can just ‘ride the pain out’ – find out why that’s not a good idea with chronic pain and how much better you can feel with the right treatment.