Meet…wait, I don’t know their name

I’m three weeks away from 2 Wheels, 2 Coasts and have been crazy busy dotting my ‘i’s and crossing my ‘t’s. Holy Sportster, it’s actually happening!

Thanks to 20+ hospitable Canadians, my accommodations in every city/town along the way are just about all taken care of. In addition, I’ve received incredible generosity from the companies I’ve partnered with; they’ve set me up with everything I’ll need for those three weeks on the road.

Reflecting on all this, my first reaction is to say ‘I can’t believe how supportive everyone’s been’, but wait…when I started the groundwork on this adventure, it was based on my thinking that people would help. So why am I now surprised that it’s actually playing out like it did in my head?

Maybe because in my head I see best-case scenarios and real life isn’t always like that. But what if it just needs a chance to be? Maybe a little more trust in people is a good thing. And a little more trust in ourselves to take risks and pursue our dreams.

All this to say, people have been overwhelmingly generous and supportive of this adventure. I think that given an opportunity to share a connection with someone, most people will take it. They certainly have so far. It’s inspiring.

But then today…this. This act of kindness really threw me off because I didn’t ask for it. It came totally unsolicited…and it came anonymously.

The most generous KOOL FM listener dropped off several gift cards for me to use on my ride (Subway, Tim Hortons, Shell etc). The mystery-gifter wrote “I hope these can help on your trip. Have a wonderful time. The possibilities are endless, the adventure awaits!”

I love the gift, but those words resonate even deeper. The adventure awaits.

Full body goosebumps over this random act of kindness.