Meet Ben

This is Ben Parker. He’s been riding bikes since he was 10. “My dirt bike was my life. If my bike was broken I just locked myself in my room and read bike magazines.”

Eventually that passion led him to become a motorcycle mechanic. He owns Coleman Speed and Cycle in Courtenay and loves building custom motorcycles; “making them look good and go fast”.

When Ben heard I was riding across Canada, he offered to handle all my pre-ride bike maintenance. It’s his dream to do that ride one day so he wanted to play a part in the adventure for me. Amazing!

Ben also connected me with his buddy in New Brunswick, who I’ll be staying and riding with when I roll through Moncton.

Ben actually built his friend’s bike. So when I meet up with him, I’ll be on my bike that was serviced by Coleman Speed and Cycle, and his friend will be riding his chopper, custom-built by Coleman.

So it’s kind of like Ben will be with us in spirit. “That’s my favorite part of the shop right there. I built that bike and you guys are meeting up. That’s cool, wow. That’s cool.”