Physiotherapy & Sun Protection

Today on the show, I talk to Bradley Jawl, Physiotherapist at Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre, about the benefits of physio and how it works for injury recovery. And what about stretching – is it as essential as we’ve been lead to believe?

Sidenote: Tall Tree is joining the 2nd Annual Walk & Talk program in partnership with the Canadian Diabetes Association. This is a free 8-week program for those who are prediabetic or have diabetes (and also for their loved ones/caregivers). It will be offered at Cedar Hill Rec Centre, Juan de Fuca Rec Centre and Tall Tree. Look into it – it sounds like a wonderful resource!

Later, Surrey-based dermatologist Dr. Lorne Albrecht on sun protection and the easiest…and most important…way to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Hint: suns—–n. Dr. Albrecht says a suntan is just damaged skin and that a burn today is sure to affect our health and appearance in years to come.

Charlie’s Bucket List

Charlie’s surgery on Friday went well, although the vet said he’s got a pretty aggressive case of melanoma. A friend of mine gave me a great suggestion though – create a bucket list for Charlie. What should go on it?

Here’s to a super loving year with Sir Charles that will be filled with even more adventures and belly rubs Make sure you share the same with your pet too!