Does this make me a crazy dog lady?

Operation: Carry My Blind Dog Up a Mountain was a success! Equal parts embarrassing and fun.

Let me explain.

Cooper is my 9-year-old rescue dog who’s blind and is also losing his hearing pretty quickly, too. He walks into things, trips down slopes and takes a realllllly long time to find his footing. Recently on one hike, we had to actually carry him for the majority of it.

He was happy to be carried…but let’s be honest, we’re not doing that again! Cooper is a 25 lbs cocker spaniel.

At that point, I figured I had two options. Either he stays at home while I go hiking or I stop hiking. I didn’t like either of those choices…soooo that’s when I started looking for a dog carrier backpack thing. Technical term.

We tried it out on a three hour hike around Mount work this weekend and I’m happy to report, Cooper and my back/shoulders all made it!