The Drive with Mark Brennae

I’ve returned from my solo cross Canada motorcycle ride and I think the best word to describe the adventure would be ‘wowza’. That’s a word. If I were to elaborate it would be, ‘the best time of my life.’

I stayed with strangers along the way; fellow bikers I reached out to on Instagram over the last several months. I’d roll up to their house or our meeting place and shake their hand for the first time right then and there. I was on the road for just over 3 weeks and stayed with 18 strangers between Victoria and St. John’s, NL.

Considering all the variables that went into this adventure, it all went off without a hitch! I’m so thankful for the experiences and memories I gained through putting myself out there and just staying open. My main takeaways: people are amazing and Canada is gorgeous. Also my clothes are disgusting and my dog is the sweetest. I’ve posted tons of pictures and stories on my IG (@imbrittanyking).

Meantime, here’s my ‘just-arrived-in-Newfoundland’ interview from last week with Mark Brennae of CFAX 1070.


Meet Matt MacLeod

What words do you say the most?

This is Matt and his most used words are ‘hyped’, ‘amped’, ‘super stoked’ and ‘ahhhhh yeeeee!’ That should give you an idea about what kind of guy Matt is. He was one of the first people I told about my cross Canada motorcycle ride…he was also one of the first people who offered to help. Together we wrote a first draft of my proposal to get businesses on board. Seven months later we met up for some photos. I was riding my bike and Matt was leaning out the car window (as Brian drove), taking pictures featuring brands like Blundstone, Biltwell and Om Boys.

Matt’s a super talented photographer and I’m so thankful for his support and enthusiasm. I’m also hyped/amped/super stoked to see what he comes up with next. Ahhhhh yeeeee!

On-Air with Pamela McCall

Pamela McCall is one of those people you just want to have a coffee with. Or glass of wine. Or both. Actually wine.

She hosts BC Today on CFAX 1070 and because we’re on air at the same time (different stations) our paths rarely pass. But when they do, even briefly, I love it.

Pamela has such a warm energy and is one of those people you just feel comfortable around.  She’s also lived such an adventurous life and I love trading stories with her. It was a pleasure to actually be able to sit down and talk with her for a good 20 minutes on her show today. Maybe I should ride across Canada more often if it means more conversations with this lovely lady.