Frontrunners Matt

Meet Matt Cecill, one of our trainers for the KOOL Oak Bay Half Marathon at Frontrunners Shelbourne, and all-around cool guy; not to mention pretty freaking inspiring.

“I started out as a fairly overweight 20-year old and decided it was time to get into shape so I found running…I was tired of being unhappy with my fitness and running just seemed like the simplest sport for me. It was really easy to just get a pair of shoes and go for it.”

‘Go for it’ he did. After a one-hundred pound weight loss, Matt is now a record-breaking machine. Who has the fastest time on the Juan de Fuca Trail, you ask? Matt! What about the West Coast Trail? Matt! He’s also an ultra-marathon runner and his longest race was 120 miles. That’s almost 200 KM. TWO HUNDRED.

So what keeps him motivated?

“I really like to push myself and see how fit I can get. Running’s a great sport that way; there’s so many people around who are really inspiring. It’s easy to draw motivation from lots of different places, especially in a city like this.”

And if you’re wondering, Taylor Swift’s entire 1989 album is part of his run playlist. He does kind of have that James Dean daydream look in his eye…daydreaming about his next race perhaps.

Meet Matt in person – and train with us!

2016 Goals?

Do you have a health/wellness related goal for 2016? Try a new activity? Work towards a challenge or event?

Currently I’m training for the KOOL Oak Bay Half Marathon with Frontrunners Shelbourne and Frontrunners Victoria and they’ve been awesome at getting me half marathon-ready…and hopefully (eventually)…

I’m scared to admit this on-air/line…but here goes…