Dr. Steinhoff and Cordelia McFadyen

Since I can’t grow a mustache (try as I might), this is the next best thing! Today on Weekend Wellness it’s all about men’s health with urologist Dr. Gary Steinhoff and holistic nutritionist Cordelia McFadyen. We cover the warning signs for prostate cancer, the latest in detection & treatment and what foods compromise & support good prostate health.

Jenn Jackson and Dr. Tanya Berrang

When Jenn was diagnosed with two kinds of breast cancer, she made a promise to herself. Hear her inspirational story and find out if she kept that promise. I’ll also talk to Dr. Tanya Berrang, a radiation oncologist with the BC Cancer Agency. Learn about early detection, radiation and the latest in breast cancer treatment.

@vanislehike and Dr. Adam Pite

Island exploring with the girls from the Instagram account @vanislehike and oral health with Dr. Adam Pite from Oak Bay Dental Clinic.

Craig Rencher and Desiree Nielsen

Head Pro at Cedar Hill Golf, Craig Rencher, talks about a new sport to come to Victoria. Introducing, FootGolf!

Then Desiree Nielsen, registered dietician and author of Unjunk Your Diet and Banish the Bloat, talks about ways to achieve good gut health through an anti-inflammatory diet and probiotics. Plus dieting, the cons to calorie counting and all-day snacking VS three separate meals.