2 Wheels, 2 Coasts

Celebrating Canada’s 150th with a solo cross-country motorcycle adventure

Victoria, BC to St. John’s, NL: July 29-August 20, 2017

Photo by Matt MacLeod

Hi! I’m Brittany. I’m a 12-year radio announcer in Victoria, BC, with additional experience in television, social media marketing and voice-over acting. I’ve also been riding motorcycles for the majority of those years. Between working in communications and playing with bikes, I’ve found my calling.

Getting my license was the best decision I ever made. I’ve never felt freer, fuller or more like myself than when I’m on my bike. Riding has taught me independence and confidence. It’s also brought so much adventure and camaraderie to my life and constantly makes me ask, ‘What else is out there to discover? Who else can I meet on the road?’ This is my journey to find out. You should come for the ride, too!

This summer I’m celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday riding my Sportster Iron from coast to coast…and in true Canadian fashion, I’m inviting others to join me. Through the connectivity of social media, I’ve contacted fellow bikers across the country asking if I can stay with them along the ride.

The response has been incredible! From the West Coast to the Maritimes, young female riders have all responded with an enthusiastic ‘heck yes, you can sleep on my couch/spare bed/patio!’ I can’t wait to meet new riding buddies and share their stories from the road.

My goals on this ride are to have an epic Canadian motorcycle adventure, celebrate and promote Canada’s 150th birthday, and grow and connect riders from coast to coast, particularly young women like myself.

I’m also looking forward to putting that Canadian stereotype to the test: are we really as nice and hospitable as everyone says? I’d bet my bike we are. We should probably go for a ride and find out for sure, though…

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